Vodafone/Arcor Easybox 802 with Xbox Live

Since about two months I live in Germany and have Vodafone as my Internet provider. Vodafone customers get the Easybox modem/router with integrated splitter. Internet worked fine, but my Xbox 360 network test told me that my NAT was too strict. Simply forwarding the Xbox Live ports, as indicated by Microsoft, wasn’t sufficient. My Xbox kept complaining about my NAT being too strict. Also there was no DMZ option. It seemed to be removed in one of the last firmware versions.

I searched the web for users with the same problem and found several Arcor/Vodafone customers with the same problem. In one particular thread I found a post with the solution.

In short:

  • Make sure your Xbox always gets the same IP address. Either give it a static IP address or bind its MAC address to a IP address in your DHCP configuration on your Easybox.
  • Through NAT, Port forwarding, forward the following (default) ports to your Xbox IP address:
    • TCP 80
    • UDP 88
    • UDP 3074
    • TCP 3074
    • UDP 53
    • TCP 53
  • This should normally do the trick, but on the Easybox you also have to a bit extra. Through NAT, Special applications, set the following trigger ports (with the public port the same as the trigger port):
    • UDP 80
    • UDP 3074
    • TCP 3074

Hope this helps other Easybox and Xbox owners.



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